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Surry County
551.68 acres
Date Recorded/Protected:
This beautiful, natural property is significant to water quality maintenance and watershed preservation.
o Grays Creek and Spring Run, also known as Schammells Mill Run, are naturally buffered wetlands
o Grays Creek and Spring Run also form part of the drainage for the Lower James river watershed, within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Other public benefits of preserving this land for agricultural and forestal use include:
o Forest cover fronting Swanns Point Road, along with the openness of the land cover, provides scenic enjoyment
o It provides increased scenic enjoyment for visitors to Four Mile Tree Plantation and Colonial National Historic Park, with a restricted-build area along Swanns Point Road
o The protected forestland supports Virginia’s forest products industry
o The property is considered Prime Farmland, Farmland of Statewide Importance and high Forest Conservation Value