Greenswamp Farm


James City County


167.96 acres

Date Recorded/Protected:


Landowner Story:

“It’s protected, we farm it…that’s what I enjoy doing.” Bruce Abbott

Bruce and his wife Becky are the second generation to live on Greenswamp Farm with a conservation easement. Becky’s mother Lorene Richardson, known as “Mama” at Greenswamp, placed the property under easement with the Williamsburg Land Conservancy (WLC) in 1996. According to the Abbotts, Mama moved to conserve the property after hearing it mentioned as a possible development site for James City County. She sought to keep the farm for Bruce, Becky and future generations.

While Becky and Bruce weren’t involved in the process of conserving the property, they assume the important role of stewards of the land. They value the protection and security that comes with the land easement. The Abbotts haven’t altered their farming practices because of the easement and recently constructed a new barn on the property. In fact, the best management practices outlined in the easement align well with the Abbott’s normal practices as part of farming organizations. The terms of their easement allow flexible farming practices and construction that is coordinated with WLC.

Bruce and Becky recognize their children and grandchildren will shape future of this property just as they continue the legacy their Mama started. They have two daughters, one living at Greenswamp, and five grandchildren. The oldest grandson is 14 and he can rake, bale and cut hay just as good as I can. But you don’t know what’s going to happen after.” He continued to say, “we hope they keep it how it’s supposed to be.”